Monday, 28 January 2008

PCLP R7 Development

Finally after about 8 months of trying I took the R7 Development Upgrade exam, this has been becoming a running joke, every time I scheduled the exam, something came up and it just didn't happen. This time I gave myself 3 weeks to prep and thankfully it was worth it and I passed, however for those of you still looking to take this, all I can say is familiarise yourself with the client, there are all the questions that you expect covering all the topics, although I was glad to see no DB2 questions, however it the real b*st*rd questions that catch you out if you have not been using the client day in day out, real shame when you have been using R8 since the day the beta first came out.
Thankfully this now gives me a chance to spend some time looking at new techs, so AJAX and JSON, here I come!!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

It's that time of year when we all get a warm fuzzy feeling

Yep it's January and the great and the good have gathered in Orlando to announce all things Lotus. Which therefore means that I am still sat at my desk here in dreery Reading, still planning on leaving this place to find an employer that is happy to pay for me to fly to the US and spend some brain time with other like minding Lotus geeks. I see little point in rehashing the announcements that came up, so check out Ed Brills website among many others for the latest news. For me, Notes on the iPhone is looking good, yes I know it's just a cutdown version of DWA, but it just ticks another box in the justification of why when my current contract is up, that spending £300ish on an iPhone is the way to go.