Monday, 15 October 2007

Quickr vs Sharepoint : IBM vs M$

Well it seems as though we are fighting a losing battle here, Sharepoint seems to be rearing it's ugly mug more and more in discusions and our upgrade project to move to Quickr has been put on hold. I am left wondering if this is not the thin end of the wedge as discussion about the dreaded Exchange have also been held, although IMHO I do feel as though some sensible reasoning here will prevent a move from Notes as an E-mail system. However even if the worst comes to pass Notes as a development platform is far from dead and with the amount of database and development time required to replace all Notes systems, Notes is still going to be standing strong and flying the flag. Will keep you posted as things develop!!


dan_p_king said...

It would be interesting to know what the rationale is for choosing between Quickr and Sharepoint at your company (if there is one:)

My company is looking at Knowledge Management at the moment, we're a small Domino shop (around 100 people), but growing and likely to double in size over the next few years with multiple offices.

I've obviously been thinking about Quickr, but have been told that people would like to look at different technologies as well (by which they mean M$ of course, as all the directors' mates use it in other companies)

We're at very early stages with this, so any insight you'd be prepared to share would be really useful.

SatNav said...

The decision seems to be more of a "Lets choose Microsoft" rather than really any comparison as yet.
There does however seem to be a lot of "stuff" out there being "built upon Sharepoint" so the "Everyone else is using" argument is very persuasive at this time. I am still pushing for us to investigate Quickr at least to give it a fighting chance and will share any thoughts/comments that come up.

dan_p_king said...

Thanks, that would be useful.

I think this is partly a marketing problem again - because everyone's hearing about Sharepoint, those that don't know so much about IT think it must be good if they've heard about it.

There's also the 'Quickr is part of Lotus Notes so much suck' crowd of course:( Even a company our size we get that sort of comparison a bit. Hopefully when we roll out 8 that might not be so much of a problem (waiting for 8.0.1 though).

Anonymous said...

I found this thread and thought I must post a response. Our company too is at the crossroads having tried both workplace and quickr. Quickr was better but not as great. And we ran into multiple issues with the connectors and some corruption with the places as well. All I can say is that its not as solid as it was touted to be and version 8.1 is better on UI but still far from desirable. We are likely to shift to Sharepoint pretty soon considering its seamless integration with Office 2007. Just thought of posting about my experience.

Curtis said...

I'm very sad that this conversation seems to have died out. Is there a similar one still going on someplace?

I'm also a small Domino shop considering giving up on it. Sharepoint has the following abilities causing this decision:
Drag 'n Drop from Outlook into Sharepoint
Seamless integration with Office products

I've been a Notes fan since late 1995, but feel like it's a losing battle....