Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Collaboration University Day 1 Recap

Well after a few concerns over my travel arrangements I managed to make it to CU on time. Just to upset a certain colleague, yes we did get a USB key this time!!!
Any way from the opening address by Rob Novak, through Mary Beth Raven's presentation which began with the theme from Sta Wars with The Rebel Alliance of IBM and Lotus battling against the Evil Redmond Empire with Notes 8 surely being the Alliance's equivalent of the Death Star, the overall message is that Notes is far from dead and surely is not far from being a market leader.
MBR also demonstrated the ways in which IBM are now opening themselves up to input from their user community via blogs, online feedback as well as more face to face interaction.
With the rest of the day following a path through
  • What's new in 8 with Troy
  • UI Consistency with Victor (Being taught English best practices by a Swede where else by CU!!)
  • Web Services with Bob
  • RSS Feeds with Troy (How come we only had 4 other people watching this one, surely the draw of Mr Novak is only so strong??)
Each presenter managing to keep the Brain weary masses interested.
Kevin Cavanaugh globe trotter extraordinaire, who presented Tuesday morning in New York and this afternoon in London, managed to fight through the jet lag to give the days closing presentation. The amount of information that he came out with that was new and exiting is more than I can cope with tonight, however expect more info here over the next few days and weeks.
For now can I just say Notes 8.0.1 Quickr 8.1, Lotus Symphony, Lotus Notes Traveller and more.

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