Friday, 1 June 2007

FeedDemon 2.5

Not exactly a Lotus Notes post, but the post fits more on my "sensible" (ok kind of sensible) work side, rather than the mad world side over at ChairboyRules!!!
I have been using Feed Demon for a number of years now, originally I purchased the 1 year option, but have since upgrade to a lifetime subscription. FeedDemon written by Nick Bradbury and released under the Bradbury Software banner, was acquired along with Nick & Bradbury Software in 2005 by Newsgator. This had lead to the tight integration between the Newsgator online RSS reader and the client of FeedDemon. Now rather than having to e-mail myself an RSS feed link and then add it when I get back to my PC I can simply login to Newsgator and add it there and then and FeedDemon will reflect the change when I next login. This is a product that has saved me a lot of time and kept me in touch with many blogs and news sites that update less regularly.
Given the price of $29.95, thats about £15 at the current exchange rates, I think this is a real bargain and an essential purchase for anyone who reads more than a few web sites.

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