Wednesday, 2 May 2007

An Admin Tip

The top three things a Notes Administrator should be concerned with are
  1. Security
  2. Security
  3. Ummm, Errrr Oh yeah, Security
Now the Holy Grail for security is first and foremost your certifies, secondly the membership of your Domin Administration group, that small group of tried and trusted individuals who know what they are doing, who have been on the Admin training courses and acheived CLP/PCLP and then theres the other member. That individual who has somehow managed to convince someone that they need the Admin access, who no matter what always seems to get someone to say "Oh but they really do need that access, so just leave them in there".
We have one of those users and I have kept mentioning it to people every few months, especially considering I don't get to be a member, have been on all the courses and used to be the Senior Administrator before I saw the Light, renounced the Sith ways and became a True Jedi and followed the path of the Developer.
Anyway today he managed to delete one of the production systems, 4.5 Gb accessible by our clients 24/7 as well as our employees and it's suddenly gone. Thankfully we managed to get it back within a couple of hours and with only minor inconvenience, those people who had uploaded data this morning will have to do so again and only a few users tried to get in as it happened to be over lunchtime.
Anyway so now I am really shouting (mentioning didn't work) to people to get him out of the group. With the right levels of admin access you can cater for "people" like this and we already have the security hirarchy in place with Global Admins, Country Admins, Developers, Help Desk Users and of course Domain Admins. However a system only works if it is used properly and not circumvented.
Anyway Rant over, I must get back to Development posts soon!!!

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