Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Now that I have gone to the dark side and acquired an iPod, I am looking for various Podcasts to listen to. Obviously the Taking Notes podcast is already on my subscribe list, but can anyone else recommend any other technical podcasts that are worth listening too. In fact don't just limit it to technical ones, any others that cover Sci-Fi, Comedy, TV in general, Films etc.


Stuart said...

Anything at http://twit.tv by Leo Laporte, particularly This Week in Tech (hence the TWiT), MacBreak Weekly and Security Now.

Also Buzz Out Loud from CNet, a really good daily Tech news roundup.

Finally, most of the good BBC radio shows now have podcast variations. All are on iTunes.

HTH, Stuart

Bruce said...

The MacCast

Mac OS Ken

Security Now

The Scoble Show

Chris Miller's IDoNotes

Photoshop TV